Enemy Territory: QuakeWars CVARs (cheats only)

aasStatsshow AAS statistics
activateAFsactivates idAFEntity based entities
activateVehiclesactivates physics on sdTransport based entities
addarrowadds a debug arrow
addChatLineinternal use - core to game chat lines
addlineadds a debug line
addObituaryLineinternal use - core to add obituary lines
addPerformanceQueryDisplays a new performance query
adminperform administration commands
bindbinds a command to a key
bindRagdollbinds ragdoll at the current drag position
blinklineblinks a debug line
buildFrequenciesbuild a frequency table for the fixed huffman compress or
calcMinDistcalc required min dist given [prevmindist] [prevmaxdist] [distmult] [newmaxdist] [newdistmult]
callvotecall a vote to change server settings, etc
cameraSets the current view to a named camera entity, or clear the camera if no name is given
cameraNextSets the current view to the next camera found in themap
cameraPrevSets the current view to the previous camera found inthe map
checkNewVersioncheck if a game update is available
clearclears the console
clearGlyphCacheclears the glyph cache
clearLightsclears all lights
clearPerformanceQueriesRemoves all performance queries
clearToolTipCookiesclears all tooltip state cookies, so they will be played again
collisionModelInfoshows collision model info
collisionTestruns through all entityDefs and checks for erroneous collision data whilst generating cached models
combineCubeImagescombines six images for roq compression
conDumpdumps the console text to a file
connectconnects to a server
crashcauses a crash
cubeToSkyboxconverts a cubemap to a skybox (uses less memory thana full cubemap but only stores half a sphere)
cutNetDemocuts a network demo if valid markers are set
cvar_restartrestart the cvar system
cvarAddadds a value to a cvar
cvarMultiplymultiplies a value to a cvar
cyclecycles a cvar
damageapply damage to an entity
declMemoryReportprovides a memory report for loaded decls
deleteSelecteddeletes selected entity
demoShotwrites a screenshot for a demo
devmaploads a map in developer mode
dirlists a folder
dirtreelists a folder with subfolders
disasmScriptdisassembles script
disconnectdisconnects from a game
dotRenderProgramsdots render programs
dumpCVarswrites out all cvars to base/cvars_<date/time>.txt
dumpToolTipsdumps out all the tooltips to tooltips.txt
echoprints text
envshottakes an environment shot
errorcauses an error
execexecutes a config file
exitexits the game
exportScriptexports scripts to a compilable format
findFreeStringfinds the next free string id
finishBuildfinishes the build process
fireteamperform fireteam related commands
freezefreezes the game for a number of seconds
game_memorydisplays game class info
gameCrashcause a crash in the game module (dev purposes)
gameErrorcauses a game error
generateNetDemoKeyFramesgenerate a keyframe file for a network demo
getviewposprints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
gfxInfoshow graphics info
givegives one or more items
godenables god mode
gpuPerformanceQueriesAdd a standard set of gpu performance queries (this needs an instrumented nvidia driver)
halfSphereToCubeconverts spheremap to cubemap
halfSphereToSkyboxconverts spheremap to a skybox
hitchhitches the game
htmlCVarswrite out the cvars to cvars.html
in_restartrestarts the input system
keepTestModelkeeps the last test model in the game
keyFrameNextadvances to the next key frame while playing back a network demo
keyFramePrevreverses to the previous key frame while playing backa network demo
killkills the player
killAllBotscauses all bots on the server to suicide and respawn
killClassremoves all entities of 'class'
killMoveablesremoves all moveables
killRagdollsremoves all ragdolls
killTransportsremoves all transports
killTyperemoves all entities of 'type'
listActiveEntitieslists active game entities
listAFlists articulated figures
listAnimslists all animations
listBinaryDeclslists the contents of a binary decl file
listBindslists key bindings
listClasseslists game classes
listClientEntitieslists Client Entities
listCmdslists commands
listCollisionModelslists collision models
listControllerslists connected controllers and their unique hashes
listCVarslists cvars
listDecalslists decal types
listDeclslists all decls
listDictKeyslists all keys used by dictionaries
listDictValueslists all values used by dictionaries
listEffectslists effects systems
listEntitieslists game entities
listEntityDefslists entity defs
listEventslists all active events
listGameCmdslists game commands
listGUIslists all allocated GUIs
listGUIThemeslists GUI themes
listImageslists images
listLineslists all debug lines
listLocStrslists localization strings
listMaterialslists materials
listMedialists all models
listModelDefslists model defs
listModelslists all models
listModeslists all video modes
listOutOfLevelDeclslists all decls which were parsed outside of level load
listPerformanceQueriesLists the available performance queries
listRenderBindingslists render bindings
listRenderEntityDefslists the entity defs
listRendererCmdslists renderer commands
listRenderLightDefslists the light defs
listRenderProgramslists render programs
listScriptObjectslists script objects
listSkinslists skins
listSoundCmdslists sound commands
listSoundDecoderslist active sound decoders
listSoundslists all sounds
listSoundShaderslists sound shaders
listSpawnArgslist the spawn args of an entity
listStuffTypeslists stuff types
listSurfaceTypeslists surface types
listSystemCmdslists system commands
listTableslists tables
listTemplateslists templates
listTexUsagelists model texture usage
listThreadslists script threads
listToolCmdslists tool commands
listVehicleScriptslists vehicle scripts
listVertexCachelists vertex cache
makeAmbientMapmakes an ambient map
makeEnvMapsRecreates the environment maps for the level
makePerlinmakes perlin nose maps
maploads a map
mapshottakes an environment shot
memoryDumpcreates a memory dump
memoryDumpCompressedcreates a compressed memory dump
memoryDumpPerClasscreates a memory dump per class
memoryReportcreates a memory report
modulateLightsmodifies shader parms on all lights
networkSpawnspawns a game entity during a network game
nextAnimshows next animation on test model
nextFrameshows next animation frame on test model
nextMapchange to the next map
noclipdisables collision detection for the player
nodeActivesets a node to active, or inactive
nodeAddadds a vehicle nav node to the map for the bots
nodeDeldeletes the nearest node.
nodeLinkcreate a link from the last node to this one and back.
pass'oneway' to make it a one way link. pass 'clear' to start a new chainof links.
nodeNamerenames the nearest node (handy for script access). argument:
nodeRadiussets the radius for the nearest node. argument:
nodeTeamchanges the team the nearest node is associated with. team:
nodeViewview a node
notargetdisables the player as a target
parseprints tokenized string
pathlists search paths
pauseNetDemotoggles pause while playing back a network demo
placeDemoCutEndMarkerplaces end marker for demo cutting
placeDemoCutStartMarkerplaces start marker for demo cutting
playJumpStartDemoplays back a jump start demo
playNetDemoplays back a network demo
popLightremoves the last created light
popPerformanceQueryRemoves a performance query
prevAnimshows previous animation on test model
prevFrameshows previous animation frame on test model
printAFprints an articulated figure
printDecalprints a decal type
printEffectsprints an effects system
printEntityDefprints an entity def
printGuiPropertyPrints a property in the named gui
printGuiStatsPrints statistics for a gui
printLocStrprints a localization string
printMaterialprints a material
printModelprints model info
printModelDefsprints a model def
printSkinprints a skin
printSoundShaderprints a sound shader
printStuffTypeprints a stuff type
printSurfaceTypeprints a surface type
printTableprints a table
printTemplateprints a template
printVehicleScriptsprints a vehicle script
quitquits the game
rconsends remote console command to server
reconnectreconnect to the last server we tried to connect to
recordNetDemorecords a network demo
regenerateWorldregenerates all interactions
reloadAnimsreloads animations
reloadDeclsreloads decls
reloadEnginereloads the engine down, including the file system
reloadGuiGlobalsreloads gloabal gui properties
reloadImagesreloads images
reloadLanguagereload language dictionaries
reloadModelsreloads models
reloadScriptreloads scripts
reloadSoundsreloads all sounds
reloadSurfacereloads the decl and images for selected surface
reloadUserGroupsreloads user groups
removeremoves an entity
removelineremoves a debug line
renderNetDemoplays back a network demo, capturing frames to disk
reparseDeclsreparses decls
reportAnimStateReports the entity number's current animation state
reportImageDuplicationchecks all referenced images for duplications
reportPakChecksumsreports a set of MD5 hashes for pak files
reportSurfaceAreaslists all used materials sorted by surface area
resetresets a cvar
resetAllBotsGoalscauses all bots to dump their current goals and startfresh
s_restartrestarts the sound system
saveMoveablessave all moveables to the .map file
saveNodessaves the nav nodes to .nav
saveRagdollssave all ragdoll poses to the .map file
saveSelectedsaves the selected entity to the .map file
saytext chat
sayFireteamfireteam text chat
sayTeamteam text chat
screenshottakes a screenshot
serverInfoshows server info
serverMapRestartrestart the current game
serverStartDemosforces all clients to start recording demos
setsets a cvar
setasets a cvar and flags it as archive
setGuiPropertySets a property in the named gui
setMachineSpecdetects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value
setpsets a cvar and flags it as archive and profile
setssets a cvar and flags it as server info
settsets a cvar and flags it as tool
setusets a cvar and flags it as user info
setviewpossets the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
shaderPerformanceExport some shader performance info
showDictMemoryshows memory used by dictionaries
showFPSBandingsshows breakdown of fps
showInteractionMemoryshows memory used by interactions
showStringMemoryshows memory used by strings
showTriSurfMemoryshows memory used by triangle surfaces
sizeDownmakes the rendered view smaller
sizeUpmakes the rendered view larger
spawnspawns a game entity
spawnServerspawns a server
startBuildprepares to make a build
statsstats debugging tool
stopNetDemostops network demo recording
teleportteleports the player to an entity location
testAnimtests an animation
testBlendtests animation blending
testDamagetests a damage def
testDeathtests death
testDeclsruns through all decls and checks for broken/defaulted ones
testGUIReplace the main menu with a test gui.
testImagedisplays the given image centered on screen
testLighttests a light
testmaptests a map
testModeltests a model
testParticleStopTimetests particle stop time on a test model
testPointLighttests a point light
testPrecachePrecaches an entitydef, then spawns it, to check for any additional unprecached media
testShaderParmsets a shaderParm on an existing testModel
testSIMDtest SIMD code
testSkintests a skin on an existing testModel
testSoundtests a sound
testWarningtest warnings!
timeNetDemotimes a network demo
timeServertime a server
toggletoggles a cvar
toggleNetDemotoggles demo recording status
touchtouches a decl
touchFiletouches a file
touchFileListtouches a list of files
touchModeltouches a model
triggertriggers an entity
unbindunbinds any command from a key
unbindallunbinds any commands from all keys
unbindRagdollunbinds the selected ragdoll
useWeaponswitch to the named inventory item. this is looked upfrom the player's team def
validateModelvalidates a model
vid_restartresizes/fullscreens the game window
votesend your vote response
vstrinserts the current value of a cvar as command text
waitdelays remaining buffered commands one or more frames
whereprints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
wikiCVarswrite out the cvars to cvars.txt, suitable for pasting into wiki
writeConfigwrites a config file
writeImagewrites the given image to disk
writeJumpStartDemowrites a jump start demo file, allows you to start further in a demo
writePrecachewrites precache commands
zoomInCommandMapzoom in the command map
zoomOutCommandMapzoom out the command map